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*** Attention: Please Read First ***

Last updated: 4th August 2018 NST.

I'm back! For two weeks. Cos that's how I organised my time off from work. So yeah. Then after that I'll be off for a week to help move stuff from storage into my parent's new place. Anyways, good luck trading everyone!

Urgently Seeking GBCs for Main!!!

Box count (Main): 19

DWs (Main): 17

GBCs (Main): 4

Box Count (Side): 0

Items listed under this paragraph are UFT but have no idea what their estimated cap values are as they have been recently released.

This list is empty.

1a.) NC Tradelist: 1 cap

This list is empty.

2.) NC Tradelist: 3-4 caps

This list is empty.

4.) NC Tradelist: 11-19 caps

5.) NC Tradelist: 20+ caps

6.) 2:1 Sale

2 items for 1 GBC

This list is empty.

8.) Side NC Tradelist (mostly 2:1)

These items are on my side accounts so will mainly be UFT for GBCs as they are not guaranteed to have boxes.

Non-Wearable NC items UFT: Candy Corn Cupcake (2:1)

Items marked "100", "200", "300" are 2:1 (the first number of the ### refers to quantity)

All other numbers indicate what I value the item at. This list is empty.

Items Callie_C wants

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1.) Gallery NC Wishlist

This is my main gallery NC wishlist. Please see full list at

Numbers indicate what I value the items at.

Only 12 NC items to go!!!

This list is empty.
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