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Items Roxana owns

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  • My timezone is GMT+2, I log in daily when possible!

  • Numbers indicated are quantity and everything that you are able to see is up for trade. No hidden closets or HTPW lists to be found here!!

  • I can offer (BF) GBC's for my priority items.

  • For my casual list I am always open to item-for-item trades.

  • I am open for (BF) GBC offers on most items.

  • I can only throw in small customs for trades involving higher valued items or box heavy trades (i'm sorry!).

  • Conclusion: please do feel free to mail me about any trade inquiries (my username is Simplicita) :).

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Items Roxana wants

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1. ULTRA priority

I really need these items for my gallery and thus I want them asap!!!! If you have any of these items and can't find anything on my trade list, please send me a neomail, perhaps we can work something out ;_; !!!

I am also seeking a Usuki Doll House (retired neohome item) for my gallery!

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