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Items sammiie owns

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0. Boxes/GBCs

I update this often, if I have 0 boxes... I'll only accept GBC offers.
As of right now (April 24th, 2021):
5 Boxes on Main
3 Boxes on Side
1 Warm Winter Nights Gram (NO LE)
1 Sweet Treats Sweetheart Gram (NO LE)

This list is empty.

1. Highlights/Pops

Not UFT for GBCs.
99 = exception for GBCs (i.e. Crokabek 1099 = 10 GBC value and will accept GBCs)

This list is empty.

C. BGs

My value of them in GBCs is the number.

This list is empty.

D. Foregrounds / effects

number = my value

This list is empty.

Items sammiie wants

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6. NP Wishes

xD since I didn't realize I put some NP wishes in my NC section oops :')

This list is empty.
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