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Items zenheart owns

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a. ~~Let’s get a trade going~~

Welcome to my trade list. Feel free to neomail any questions. I use /~owls and check with /~eya to cross reference values when I’m uncertain. Some values are my own and do not line up with owls. I’m always open to making a value check board or negotiation

I try not to post items that are HTPW or if they are I am explicit about what I am seeking to save us both time (shinies section). Please don’t be afraid to offer. I’ll open up a hidden closet once in a while but it will be marked.

I trade from aikian, darkpromise, auriarose, devilishgrin, and zenleaf.

Not seeking customs/gbc unless I make a board, please don’t mail me unless you have my wishes, thanks!

This list is empty.

d. 2-3-4

Items I value at 2 or 3 or 4. Feel free to negotiate.

This list is empty.

e. 1-2

Items I value at 1 or 2. Feel free to negotiate. Some items here haven’t been value checked yet.

21 = 2:1 for gbc, LE caps, etc.

All other numbers are quantity

This list is empty.

Items zenheart wants

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1. Priority Wishes

Items that are important to a custom and are needed to finish one. Willing to part with some HTPW, neomail to inquire!

This list is empty.

2. Actively Seeking Wishes

Seeking these items currently for a custom. Typically these are whats listed as my seeking items on boards. Offering TL and GBCs, potentially some htpw items for more expensive items or multiples. I don’t bite, feel free to ask

This list is empty.
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