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Items LostSoul owns

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1. Welcome

Neomails: I respond when I can. Please be patient, I have a lot going on in real life.

Values: Idk anymore. I use /~Owls for reference, otherwise please let me know how you value your item(s).

Tradelist: If its visible it is uft. My wishlists are below, otherwise I don't mind taking a look at your TL.

Accepting GBC/Custom: Yes. If offering custom please see my "Buyables" wishlist.

Do you have these old GBCs? To make a very long story short: In March 2021 TNT deleted over 500 NC items on my account. My entire NC gallery went poof, and my GBC collection was in it. August 2023 Alice refuses to acknowledge they deleted my items (this happened to 2 other people as well btw who lost WAY WAAAAY more than I did) and with that I don't think I'm ever getting my items back so I have to start over. The only items out of this entire situation that I want back are my GBCs. So do you have any of these to trade? I would love to work something out, so please let me know what you'd be seeking.

Here are the caps I need - https://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/chevygirl/254679/

GBCs replaced = 12/76

This list is empty.

2. Closet spares uft

Number is quantity, only trading my extras. Any questions just ask!

Accepting GBC & Upcycle Cookies for items in this list.

This list is empty.

3. Regular Tradelist

Seeking wishlist items, GBC/Custom, or your TL.

This list is empty.
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