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Items chompchomp owns

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! - TL Info

Mail me for any trades, casual trades welcome - I'll do my best to work something out with you! I am online daily and respond to everyone!

For the most part I use ~Owls, ~OwlsTwo and DTI ratios to value items - or how much I personally got them for! I will never be offended if we value things differently so please feel free to ask :)

This list is empty.

1 - HTPW/Tradeable Closet

Pickier with these even if not all valuable - most likely looking for wishes! May consider over offers in pops/bfgbc~

This list is empty.

4 - 2:1/3:1UFT

2:1 reg gbc, 3:1 bfgbc!

This list is empty.

Items chompchomp wants

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! - WL Info

Don't have any of my wishes? I'm happy to browse your TL :), can offer bfgbc towards some of my bigger/HTF wishes feel free to ask~

21 = I've seen in 2:1 sale

77 = trade in progress

9 = willing to hunt down your wishes! Mail me what you're looking for :)

Unwearables I'm seeking

Dye pots / (BF) GBC / Caps / Archive Cookies

This list is empty.

1 - Regular Wishes

Actively seeking!

This list is empty.

3 - Needed for Trades/Friends - Priority!

Numbers just to remind me of owls values as these are not specifically my wishes, please let me know if you value differently!

This list is empty.

5 - Np wishes!

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