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Items chompchomp owns

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! - TL Info

(Updated 08/22)

Mail me for any trades - I am online daily and respond to everyone! I won't leave you hanging so if you don't get a response, I didn't get the mail, please send me another :)

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0 - Lending Dyeworks - Accepting extra DW colors :)

Lending for dyeworks, accepting extra DW colors you get that I don't have yet (or possibly duplicates, and it doesn't have to be of the item I lent :), show me your TLs or let me know what you have) and dyepots/caps/candles/gbc/archive fqc :)

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Items chompchomp wants

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! - WL Info

Don't have any of my wishes? I'm happy to browse your TL :) I have a bunch of hidden wishes~

Non-Wearables I'm seeking


RR Caps

My most wanted, please :c?

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0 - Dreams

Pricey items I'd love to have! They do vary still in priority - for ones marked 9 but I have a hidden closet I might be able to open! Mail me~

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1 - High Priority

Need for customs. Willing to help you hunt down your wishes for these :), mail me what you're looking for!

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