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Neomail xblackheart_x xblackheart_x's lookup

Items Doanlisa owns

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00. Notes

~Last updated: October 5, 2021.~

I've recently returned to Neopets after a 5-year hiatus so I'm not too familiar with the current values. My items may not be the greatest, so I apologize if I offend anyone. Please let me know if I ever need to add to a trade! I don't do NC trades too often (I'm mostly on the PC Chat), so please be patient with me. I use the values listed on /~waka and /~owls. c:

My neomail is always open and I will only contact and respond from my account xblackheart_x.

Happy trading! :)

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03. Main Tradelist

Thanks for looking!

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04. 1 Cap Value

I value these at 1 cap for item:item trades

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Items Doanlisa wants

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Items I traded away, but need to replace

I'm in no rush to replace these items c:

21 = I've seen these items in 2:1 sales

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Wishlish #1.5 - Casually Seeking

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Wishlish #2 - Low priority

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