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0. Intro

Last updated: August 5th, 2018.
Finished all my importing, now just have to sort everything. =)

NOTE 2: ALL numbers in UFT lists are the quantity I own

IMPORTANT: Please give me 24 hours on a weekday and 12 hours on a weekend day to respond before NMing someone else. Thank you.

My username is tvlover4 on Neopets, and please feel free to NM me if you have a trade in mind. :-)

I like looking at tradelists by the way. If you see something you like but don't have any of my wishes, I don't mind perusing your TL. :-)

Last, but certainly not least, my gallery wishes are listed last as it is my largest wishlist. They are, however, a priority, and 99% of the time I will take them over any other wish: I can change my pets outfits, but my gallery wishes are must haves for completeness. c=

This list is empty.

2. Highlights

I am only interested in trading these towards HTF Altador Cup items.

This list is empty.

3. Value: 1-2 GBCs

I'll take either a GBC or small wish for these, depending on the item. I may do 2:1 if one of the items is something I have multiples of.

This list is empty.

3.5. Help Me Get Rid Of

These are items I have a ton of and would dearly like to get rid of. I will accept GBCs and Cookies for the items here.

This list is empty.

4. Value: 3-5 GBCs

UFT for wishes mainly, but I'll consider any GBC offers as well.

This list is empty.

5. Value: 6-9 GBCs

These are only UFT for my wishes.

This list is empty.

6. Value: 10+ GBCs

Only seeking wishes for items listed here

This list is empty.

9. Not Yet Sorted Items

This list is empty.

Items Zanzia wants

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1. High Priority

Things I want right now. :-) If an item is listed here and under one of my 'wanted for such and such account', it means I'm seeking it for that account. ^^

Also Seeking: Krawk Island Mystery Capsule

Note: I can support box heavy trades for these pretties, just let me know what you want for them. c=

This list is empty.

2. Wanted for Reyuann's pets

These items are wanted for pets on my side reyuann: Apolloxy, Barud, Darosen, Kronmir and Veraw.

Kronmir: OR

This list is empty.

3. Wanted for Phrixian's pets

These items are wanted for pets on my side phrixian: Evajen, Kyrky, Tayverne, Saurky and Scorron.

This list is empty.

4. Wanted for Tvlover44's pets

These items are wanted for pets on my side tvlover44: Ataelus, Ateas, Gledian, Lataxen, and Zacuijah.
Ataelus: Pet & Customization TBD
Ateas: Pea Chia, Customization TBD

This list is empty.

5. Wanted for Tvlover921's pets

These items are wanted for pets on my side tvlover921: Aztyra, Baradry, Nykun, Nykyri, and Yonus.

For Nykyri, I originally wanted something like this: . Unfortunately, I could never find a trader for that lovely FG. I am now deciding between the below two:

This list is empty.

6. Pretties for Main [Low Priority]

The pretties below are mainly for outfit ideas for Verai_, though I am thinking of changing Kyrzemin's outfit (the space items). :-)

99 = Higher Priority

This list is empty.

Seeking for Gallery [Mid to High Priority]

I have an Altador Cup/Team Spirit gallery that I would love these pretties for.

Also seeking:
Faerieland Mystery Capsule
Haunted Woods Mystery Capsule
Krawk Island Mystery Capsule
Maraqua Mystery Capsule
Mystery Island Mystery Capsule
Neopia Central Mystery Capsule
Terror Mountain Mystery Capsule

NOTE: These are high priority - I'm actively seeking each and every one. =)

This list is empty.
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