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Items Khager owns

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I am not very active right now. If I'm not currently on the boards, then I am most likely not interested in trading, sorry!

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Offering this list 2:1 for gbc.

This list is empty.

A Trading List

I have a lot of hidden items, if you have my wishlist items please nm me your wl!

Willing to trade most of these for gbc.

Unwearables: Here

This list is empty.

Side Account UFT

Will have to check if I have boxes. Numbers are location not value. Always accepting GBC 2:1 for buyables.
6 - babesbluemoon
7 - emperes_kristen
8 - callmedreamer
9 - babes_plushie_place

This list is empty.

Items Khager wants

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1: Highest Priority Seeking

Unless otherwise stated I'm always looking for all lists.

This list is empty.

3: For Side Accounts

these are going to callmedreamer
Also seeking: Bountiful Banana Split (150nc) & Really Ripe Banana (10nc)

This list is empty.

4. np

Mostly here to remind me to periodically check to see if there's any cheap ones.

This list is empty.
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