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Up For Trade

Last updated 1/14/2016

My main goal is to get all the NC plushies that I still need for my gallery.
I also love trading and helping people get items they have been searching for, so never be afraid to Offer or Ask

GBCs are preferred, but I do love a nice item trade too (we both win that way). Sometimes I fancy some dyeworks brews, Wonderclaw Widgets, or Shenanigifts Invitations as well, depends on the available prizes.

If you found an item that isn't technically a plushie, but you think it could fit into my plushie gallery, please tell me about it!! I'm interested in those as well. :)

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Gallery Wishlist

I desperatly need these plusies for my gallery at:
I will almost always take a trade for this list before my closet wishlist, as it is so much more important to me :)

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