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On sidewalkbum: 7 | On already: 3 | On pparakeett: 3 | On hodgey_ppodgey: 1 | On kittyhawkmagics: 7

Box count is roughly accurate, sometimes Trudy is nice and gives my main a box tho

GBC offers on items are always appreciated!

I also love Upcycle Cookies, Dyeworks Potions, Archives Cookies & casual trades too!

99 = HTPW! But not overvalued, just may or may not trade D:

88 = On Hold!

Numbers indicate quantity otherwise.

I don't really value my items at any certain cap value except what is listed on ~Waka :)

My neomail!

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* Holiday items on main sidewalkbum

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* Items 2:1 on main sidewalkbum

All of my trash that's UFT for GBCs on my main, if you want it haha

I'm trying to upcycle these so they may disappear if they're buyable and unpopular

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* Items on account main sidewalkbum - 7 Box(es)

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Items safi wants

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Wishes For already

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Wishes For hodgey_ppodgey

Wishes For kittyhawkmagics

Wishes in General

This is stuff I may not need RIGHT now, but I would use eventually!

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