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*** Special Message ***

Updated: 12/2/19

Please neomail if you're interested in anything. I will do my very best to respond quickly ~('u')~

Everything is UFT for gift box caps, faerie quest cookies, & upcycle cookies except for the 'Highlights' list. Highlights are UFT for my wishlist stuff only.

I have a couple old special mystery caps UFT too:

Lulus 2011 Daily Dare Mystery Capsule

NC Mall 4th Birthday Mystery Capsule

I can lend the following items 2:1 GBC & 1:1 WL item or Dye Potion - just neomail me C:

This list is empty.

000 Highlights 000

These items are UFT for my WL only.

Numbers are just for my reference... (22) peregrinereverie (33) canarybeat (44) radiationfox (55) arginine

This list is empty.

1 GBC Sale

This list is empty.

2:1 GBC Sale

This list is empty.
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