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A. 2:1 GBC Sale - Unbuyable Items

PSA: I will always welcome neomails about trades, but I do take long breaks from neo every so often. If you haven't heard back from me that's probably why, not trying to ignore anybody! ALSO This is the only account I ever trade NC or chat from. If it's not silva_cat_sideacc it's not me! I will never ask you to send to another account!

Any two items for a GBC. Also up for trade for wishlist items at a trading value of 1-2.

These neohome and food items are also a part of this sale:

Elegant Neopia Central Sofa, Neopia Central Rolltop Desk, Money Tree Neopia Central Lamp, Tyrannia Bone Bed, Pretzel with Melted Cheese, Fiery Yooyu Pizza, Candy Corn Cupcake, Festive Berry Pie, Holiday Ornament Wreath, Zesty Cinnamon Roll, Money Tree Cupcake

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B. 2:1 GBC Sale - Buyable Items

These buyables are also 2:1 GBC, feel free to mix and match between retired and buyable. Numbers are quantities.

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Items silvacat24 wants

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A. High Priority Wishlist

Stuff I need for customs. I keep my pets in permie outfits so this will almost always be empty. Will offer anything on my tradelist plus GBCs/custom depending on availability. Numbers are waka values rounded down for my reference.

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C. Low Priority Wishlist

Biting the bullet and completing my wig collection with this huge list of all the wigs I'm missing. Always interested in small item:item trades (first 3 UFT lists only) for these and may offer GBCs or mall caps for 2:1 sales. Numbers are waka values rounded down for my reference.

This list is empty.
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