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Welcome to my DTI page!

I'm not generally on Neopets that much these days, but with the Altador Cup coming up soon, I will be spending more time on here (before I ragequit and leave the site for another few months, LOL!)

I am not actively trading right now - so anyone who has messaged me within the last 30 days, I'm sorry but I've since just deleted the messages from my inbox (I had something like 20 messages pop up in one day alone!)

Last Updated: June 20, 2018 (06/20/2018)

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Dyeworks Items

These are the current dyeworks items that I own. Due to being betrayed in the past, I am no longer loaning these items out. However, if I have boxes available, I am willing to dye the item for you (if you send the dye) and then send you the product.

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My Most Valued NC Items - VVVVVVHTPW

The chances of any of these items being traded is slim to none. Nevertheless, I do have them - and I suppose that I may trade them off, somewhere down the line.

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NC Items

Some of these items are harder to part with than others, so please don't take it personally if I refuse an offer that is made.

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