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if you send me a neomail offer and then make a trade for whatever you neomailed me about before i reply, i'd really appreciate it if you could neomail me saying nevermind, if that's at all possible !! thank you! that way i don't get excited only to find out you traded already :') not that it's a big deal, but. yaknow. just sayin!

also i'm not usually seeking gbc's btw! worth a shot if u want ig but i generally like trading item for item (NOT exclusively for wishlist items, i'll look at others too!). i do use /~waka for value tho!

i try to always reply even if its a no -- sorry if i forget to, though :( my brain is messy.

please note that as of right now (6/28/20) i'm less active on neo!! i'm hyperfixating on other stuff so i pop in less, so replies may be slower. sorry in advance!

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