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Items dinahaby owns

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0. Notes

I will never ask you to send items to any account other than dinahaby. If someone is using this list and asking for items to go to other accounts, you are being scammed.

I prefer item trades, but sometimes I will be after the recent RR caps.

Online almost daily, so if you don't hear from me in 48 hrs, I likely didn't get the neomail. I do respond to all neomails.

List last updated: 2/4/2020

This list is empty.

1B1. Pending Trade

These items are pending trade.

This list is empty.

1C. UFT: Non-Wearables

I have these non-wearables up for trade:

Wonderclaw Token 1-pack (x2)

Dyeworks Celebration Hue Potion (x1) - 2020 version

Cherry Blossom Gift Box Mystery Capsule

Sizzling Summer Gift Box Mystery Capsule

Sunset Summer Gift Box Mystery Capsule

Misty Mountains Gift Box Mystery Capsule

Dyeworks RR Caps (2020) (x1) - items avaialable from the cap are here: https://items.jellyneo.net/item/69086/

Warm Winter Nights Grams (2020) (x3) - items available from the gram are posted in this section.

Call Me Sweetheart Gram (2020) (x1) - items available from the gram are posted in this section.

This list is empty.

2A. UFT - Valued between 1-2 caps

Waka values these at 1-2 caps.

This list is empty.

2E. UFT - Valued 6+ caps

Waka has these valued at 6+ caps. Not seeking GBC for these items. Will only trade for an item of equal or greater value. Will not trade for 2 smaller wishes.

This list is empty.

Items dinahaby wants

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A. High Priority Wishes

These items are my most wanted, at the moment. If you have any of these up for trade, please neomail me with your wishlist. I may trade out of my closet for them.

This list is empty.

B1. Medium Priority - Valued ~1-2

Waka values these at ~1-2. Would love to find some in 2:1 sales

This list is empty.

B2. Medium Priority - Valued ~2-3

Waka values these at ~2-3.

This list is empty.

B3. Medium Priority - Valued 3+

D. The Maybe's list

Dress to Impress
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