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0) EasilyxAmused Tradelist!

If I don't respond, I missed your neomail!
Life gets hectic for me cause of school so please feel free to mail again if I don't answer within a day

If you're a collector, I have these UFT:
* Cornucopia Gift Box Mystery Capsule (2010)

Last Updated: February 21, 2018
* Current boxes: 8

This list is empty.

01) Dyeworks Lending

I'm lending these items in exchange for either:
2:1 GBC, 1 Lab Ray Cookie, 1 FQC, 1 Dyepot, or a small WL item!

This list is empty.

02.1) UFT for Big Wishes

I do have hidden closet items if you don't see anything you want!

# indicates my values for them
If you value something differently, let me know!

For Autumn Back Porch BG & Galactic Wig:
I may be okay with trading these for items marked 2222 on my WL/partial GBCs/Custom

This list is empty.

03) Highlights / Current Populars / Recently Released or Retired UFT

* 10101 = Pending Trade

I have tons of 2-3-4 cap items down below in my tradelist though.

This list is empty.

04) Wigs UFT

This list is empty.

06) Shirts, Jackets, Capes, etc. UFT

This list is empty.

13) Handheld Items UFT

This list is empty.

14) Higher Foregrounds, Garlands, etc. UFT

This list is empty.

15) Lower Foreground, Background Items, etc. UFT

This list is empty.

16) Backgrounds UFT

This list is empty.

Items easilyxamused wants

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00.5) Big Wishes

Please let me know what I can do to trade for them if my items aren't what you're seeking!

* Especially for *
Eventide Mountain Background
# indicates value I'll offer in items + caps, etc

This list is empty.

1) High Priority Wishlist

I'm after all these more than my regular WL, and not all of these are going to be extremely expensive.

2222 = Would like to trade for first

Other items I'm always after:
* ALL NC game tokens/packs
* FQCs & Lab Ray Cookies
* Dyepots

This list is empty.

2) Regular Wishlist

These are items I have some plans for, but not actively seeking out at the moment.

2222 = I'd prefer this over the others first
10101 = Trade Pending*

This list is empty.
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