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Quantity = personal value

Listed value ranges are my personal values, or are otherwise based on what I've seen them trade for recently!

Please don't be afraid to mail me despite the ranges (especially if you have my higher priority wishes!), I can be pretty flexible and am happy to try to come to a trade that both of us are happy with ^_^

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2. Regular UFT

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3. No Attachment

GBC Sale!

Take the lowest /~Waka value, subtract 1, and that's how many GBCs I'm looking for!

1-2 cap items are 2:1 GBC

I am always happy to give away the items in this section (provided GBCs to send the items with), so don't hesitate to mail me for a 2:1 deal ^_^

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Items violetsigh wants

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1. My Wishlist

99 = highest priority

Other #s indicate the quantity I am seeking!

Also interested GBCs, but mostly just as value fillers for my higher value items (unless you're offering on my GBC sale section, then I'd love them)!

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