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***Dyeworks I can lend

For a GBC, or Dye

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0. Closet

777 = never UFT, please don't ask

Yes, a great amount of the items in this category are just to keep track of what I own. Sorry!

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1. Regular Tradelist

I usually use /~Clara for values, or lurk around the NC board for a while. I will probably accept GBCs for these, or do 1:1 item trades.

+Dyeworks Potions

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This list is empty.

Non Wearables

A place for Caps, Goodie Bags and other non wearable items UFT. I will try to update this soon...

New Year 2015 Celebration Mystery Capsule (1)

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Items anivatta wants

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High end items I want to eventually trade for, but might not have the means to do so at the moment. I can postpone these wishes, as they are not "urgent".

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Items of intermediate value I eventually want to trade for, but probably aren't a priority.

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Items that I am looking for right now despite of their value/Priority Wishes

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Items Im probably looking for someone very dear to me ;) -or friends.

For a complete WL/TL of his go here:


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