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1. Just a word...

First things first, I respond to ANYONE! I LOVE trading. So if you see something you want, make an offer. I may or may not accept it! I do love looking at TLs as well, so you should just include yours in your nm so I can browse it :).

I am a really friendly person, so feel free to nm me any offers! However, I am also very forgetful, so please be patient with me if I forget what I asked for/offered. I try to keep a word doc. of what I offer/ask for but sometimes I forget to update it!

I really only am seeking my high priority items, but don't be afraid to ask! Don't be offended if I don't accept a perfectly good trade; it probably just means I'm more attached to the item you want than I'd like to admit. Please remember that these are my items that I bought with my money or items that I think I want, so if I don't want to make a trade, don't be rude. An item I deem high priority today may change tomorrow. Just please be friendly! :)

I try my best to respond to every neomail I get, but if for some reason I don't I ask that you send me a reminder neomail as I probably forgot (seems to be a trend).

Enjoy my TL, and happy Trading :D

If there is anything you see you can nm me: e_dubbbb5!

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All of these items are DEFINITELY UFT; some are still harder to part with than others, though.

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As the title says, these items are HTPW. I will probably trade these for high priority items/priority items, depending on the suggested trade.

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These items are ONLY UFT for high priority items, and even then, I may not be willing to trade them. It never hurts to ask, just don't be upset if I don't accept the trade!

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5. Permanent Closet/Not UFT

The majority of these items probably WON'T be tradeable; you are welcome to offer but expect me to say no!

An example of when I would be willing to trade one of these items is trading my Sun Princess Contacts for Autumn Leaf Contacts; I want the Autumn Leaf ones for my customization but because I don't have them the Sun Princess contacts will be for that customization until I get them.

Not all items are like that, but some are.

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These are items that I am offering/seeking that have already been arranged to be traded! This is more so I remember and don't forget, lol.

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There aren't any items here.

Items edubb5 wants

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1. Highest Priority Wishlist

These items I am ACTIVELY searching for. They are numbered to show what order the priority is; 2 is the highest priority!

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2. Priority Wishlist

These are items that I do want, but I will trade for my higher priority items first!

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4. Buyables I want

This is REALLY low priority.

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