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0) Intro

I'll trade for pretty much any items in my wishlist, or pure GBCs.

The values listed here are approximate, don't be afraid to make a different offer!

Cookies: 4 FQC, 2 Lab Ray, 2 Upcycle

GBC: 1 Twinkling Lights, 1 Falling Snow, 2 Butterfly

Other: Hue Brew Potion, Winter Hue Brew Potion, Money Tree Cupcake

This list is empty.

1d) 3 GBC

This list is empty.

1e) 4 GBC

This list is empty.

2b) Upcycle Items

These are items I plan to discard with an Upcycle cookie. I'll probably also take really low offers on these if you want them (e.g. 3:1 or 4:1 trades).

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3b) Seasonal

Items papercrow wants

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1) High Priority

I'm also willing to accept pure GBC trades for most of my items!

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4c) Casual Wishes - Peioko

4d) Casual Wishes - Skeith

6) Pretties

Don't have a use for these yet. Not seeking except maybe as supplements to bigger trades, or as exceptionally good deals.

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