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1. hello!

mail me if you'd like to set up a trade! i will get back to you within a day or so ^^

i will ONLY message about trades from the account bunnybunzz

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3. stuff i like

i'll be picky with these, sorry in advance if i reject a fair offer. 99=extra htpw. other numbers=quantity. some are uft for gbcs/custom/casual wishes.

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4. meh

offer away! will accept gbcs/custom/casual wishes for these.

i also have 4 pretty in pink grams, 4 gothic charm grams, & 1 enchanting gram (non le).

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5. 2:1 sale

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3. casual wishes

huuuugggge list of stuff i like but don't need, mostly just for my reference. not offering highlights/htpw/gbcs/custom for these. i might be interested in these if i have enough boxes.

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