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Neomail becki622 becki622's lookup

Items becki622 owns

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0 -- Up for trade for -- 0

Up for trade for Christmas Music Parlour Background ONLY

This list is empty.

0.... Updated -- January 2021 .....0

mails are welcomed

Seeking :

seeking OLD capsules for gallery and can offer 2-3 GBCs for any of the ones listed here

if you have any of these and are willing to trade for 2-3 GBCs, please mail me.
any higher value, i would have to offer TL or a Combo of GBCs and Trade List.

This list is empty.

0.... Lending .....0

NOT up for trade
lending DW item for one of these.....
GBC / Arch or Upcycle cookie / dye pot / wish
Must return my item to me

This list is empty.

00 --- Highlights --- 00

This list is empty.

000 -- Treasures of the Maraquan Sea Superpack -- 000


I value these at 1 GBC

This list is empty.

1 ---- Capsules/Neohome/Food/Random

To see Non-Wearables - Up For Trade - go to ....

This list is empty.

2 GBCs

I value these at 2 GBC

This list is empty.

4 ---- 2:1 for GBC

Get 2 items for (any) 1 GBC
Or item for item trade

This list is empty.

Side -Name - Up for Trade

Non-wearables UFT
Shenkuu Lantern Capsule
Enchanted Valentines Mystery Capsule
Sparkling Green Mystery Capsule
Easter Negg Mystery Capsule
Spring Basket Mystery Capsule
Mystery Island Mystery Capsule
Creepy Halloween Skull Mystery Capsule
Festive Berry Pie
Zesty Cinnamon Roll
Holiday Ornament Wreath

This list is empty.

Items becki622 wants

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0 -- Need this ASAP -- 0

Can also offer GBCs and un-wearables, Big Doll Eyes Contacts, Radiant Glow

This list is empty.

0 --- Seeking --- 0

Archive cookies

This list is empty.

000 ---- Non-Wearable Wishes -- Priority ----

Seeking these non-wearables

This list is empty.

2 ----- Need to replace these items

Had to trade these and I want to replace.

This list is empty.

Floating / snowglobe Gallery Sections

Not in a hurry to get these.
they are for my floating and snowglobe sections in my gallery.

This list is empty.
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