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0. Introduction

Welcome to my DTI!

I'm online often & always respond to neomails no matter what - if you don't hear back from me in 48 hours, feel free to send another mail. Open to GBC offers most of the time but usually have custom available.

  • You may or may not agree with my values and that's okay! Some may be negotiable, just ask.

Have a great day!

P.S. Any item listed here is up for LENDING!

Non-wearables UFT (numbers are quantity):

6/17/2020 - Traded for Spyder Web Staff!

7/11/2020 - Traded for MME1-B1: Sputtering Grey Mini-Monster!

10/1/2020 - Traded for Jhudoras Bodyguards Collectors Bonus!

10/27/2020 - Traded for Babaa with Flowers and Neggs!

10/28/2020 - Traded for OG Cherry Blossom Garland!

For my bigger wishes, I have A LOT hidden in my "closet"! It is often easier to send me your WL than ask what I have/what is hidden.

This list is empty.

2. Baby RR

Number is quantity available

This list is empty.

3. Dyeworks

Number is quantity available

This list is empty.

4. Spare AC Team Gear

Number is quantity available

This list is empty.

5. Highlights

These items will really only be UFT for my wishes, not GBCs/cookie/custom. ^_^ Really picky with some of these items as well, just a heads up!

Not all are high valued, just would only be parted with for certain wishes!

Numbers are quantity available

This list is empty.


Numbers are quantity available. Everything here is valued 1-2 or should be in my opinion.

This list is empty.

9.1 Sides UFT

All sides are currently BOXLESS

21 means I would do 2:1 GBC, any other first few numbers are value. Final number is location(s) for my reference.

9 - deannaside_

8 - deannaside_2

7 - deannalovesyu

6 - breakmyheartlove

This list is empty.

9.2. New, no value yet items

These get put here when I don't have a value yet or they are too new. Still UFT but will probably need to be discussed first. Numbers are quantity available.

This list is empty.

9.3 Unsorted

These get placed here either because I'm lazy or unsure if I want to trade these or stick them in my closet. They are still UFT but please do not be offended if I reject a fair offer!

Numbers are quantity available.

This list is empty.

Items DearDeanna wants

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1. Gallery Priority WL

Non-wearable seeking:

Retired Dyeworks Capsules

Retired Wonderclaw Capsules

Autumn Moon Mystery Capsule

Autumn Mystery Capsule

Autumn Pastels Mystery Capsule

Fall Festival Retired Mystery Capsule

Festive Gourd Mystery Capsule

Halloween Mystery Capsule

Spooky Halloween Mystery Capsule

Please mail me if you have any of those UFT! ^

This list is empty.

3. Need to Replace Seeking

I probably made an oopsie trading this away and now I want it back lol.

This list is empty.

4. Seeking for customs

I need these items for planned customs. :)

9 = Mediuhm's Custom

8 = Spihder's Custom

7 = Sailehm's Custom

This list is empty.

6. NP Wearable WL

This is mostly for my reference to keep track of what I want to purchase NP wise. :)

This list is empty.

7. Pending trade

No plans but she cute tho

These will probably be lesser of a priority than any list as they are not for planned customs but they are items I came across while browsing TL's and liked (:

This list is empty.
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