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A - NC spring cleaning

I have accumulated too many items I never used, so here's my way of clearing out my NC hoard haha.
My closet is hidden so everything listed is uft and not htpw

This list is empty.

B - 2 for 1 GBC !


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C - Tradelist (1)

Regular tradelist #1
Almost always interested in casual trades for things here :3

Feel free to send me your TL if you don't have anything I'm seeking right now!

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items here I find cute but don't use them enough to put into my closet

Prefer trading them towards my wishes ;w;

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Items bossycat1033 wants

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A - Actively seeking

Items I need for permanent outfits.
Can offer my entire TL, gbcs, cookies & more!

22 = pending trades

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C - Not actively seeking

I'd like to get these wishes from 2:1 GBC sale
will ONLY trade GBCs or items from my 2:1 sale for these, sorry QAQ

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