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These are all my other items UFT! I do like some of them and might want to use them in the future, but didn't want my Highlights/HTPW to get too crazy.

I'm really sorry if I'm picky or annoying with ANYTHING!

Feel free to ask about 2:1 since I don't have a separate section for that, but I can't guarantee that I'll be willing to do it! Mostly just with any buyables!

**I use the advanced search option very often to search through all the items I own when I try to make customizations, so it's possible that an item has been added to my closet without me updating the list here.

I'm sorry if this happens and you wanted to trade!**

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Items pinkflowerchild wants

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Actively Seeking?

I have an unbelievably huge WL, but because I don't really know what I want to do with all those items yet I'll keep my public list small. I'm always happy to browse TLs.

Some of the easier to find items might be considered less of a priority if I'm low on boxes.

33 is for a side/might not be priority, depends on my box situation

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Dream Wishes


Higher valued, hard to find wishes of mine.. I don't know if I'll ever own any of them but at least I can stare at them sometimes! It's not that I'm not actively seeking them, it's just hard to get up to the value so I will most likely not be able to trade for these all the time!

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Pineapplie Wishlist

Items I need to complete a look for my sweet pineapple!

I am forgetful, so if I'm trading for these they must go to barbiegrlrealworld not to my main!

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There aren't any items here.
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