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* hello!! *

i'm pretty much always looking for caps :,)

general tradelist items marked "9" are on my old main account, which has no boxes atm, so you may need to send me a cap for trades which include those items, or over-offer in exchange for me using one of mine

"[x]9" = x is the number of items, 9 means old acct, so something marked "59" means i have five of the item, all of which are on my old acct

all other numbers indicate amount held, most of which are some-on-main-and-some-on-old-acct

feel free to message me your tls even if you have nothing from my wl. i collect random cute things and tdf-related garbage, so i may find something i like :)

tysm for looking!!

last updated: 5.15.20

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** HTPW **

various rarities and stuff i super duper love~!!

items marked 99 have some sort of sentimental value and therefore are pretty much untouchable v_v7

that said, pretty much everything is uft for the windswept wig and hat, so feel free to offer if you have one uft!!

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** Temporary Closet **

stuff that my kiddos are currently wearing, but that are technically uft since they won't need them anymore once i get the new stuff for their customs~

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Garlands/Foreground Stuff

This list is empty.

Premium Collectibles

This list is empty.

[ Not For Trade ]

stuff my kiddos are currently wearing that's part of their final customs or that's in my gallery and therefore is not up for trade!! this list exists solely for my reference when logged out/on my phone/etc ;o;

that said, i will consider trading some of these things (not the ones marked 99!!) for the windswept wig and hat, so feel free to ask if you have one of those up for trade!!

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Items werelupewoods wants

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stuff i need for my kiddos' current customs -- offering some htpw & closet stuff, caps, cookies, custom, etc for all of these!!

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Gallery Items

if there's anything tdf-related that isn't in my gallery or this list, i'll accept that too!!

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