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Items alessandria707 owns

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About Trades/Items

If you have something from my WL and/or want something I own, feel free to mail me. Seriously, I'm friendly and don't bite! Unfortunately, work and life prevent me from being on as much as I used to be, but I will always try to respond.

If the item you want is listed in Closet/HTPW, mail me anyways! Some of the things there, I'll still trade, but please be aware that I am a bit attached to them (I'm a fairly terrible hoarder). Worst case scenario is you get an nm saying 'No, thank you.' It's worth a shot, anyhow.

As a general note: I have a terrible weakness for Contacts and pretty Wigs, even if they aren't on my WL. And I'm more than happy to browse TLs. ;)

B/c DTI seems to keep erasing my NM link: my username is alessandria707 if you want to mail me!

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These are items I really like and they're used often. I may trade the items on this list, but please don't be offended if I pass on a perfectly fair offer.

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My Gifts From Friends/VVVHTPW

These are gifts from friends or certain items I will NEVER part with. They are 'public' so people can look, but barring a dramatic shift/need, they are NOT UFT. Thanks. :)

The Glass Raindrops Suncatcher is my very favorite. It's sparkly, and shiny, and it moves! A gift from a friend who understands that my spirit animal is an easily distractible kitten. :D

And thank you so much to the gifter of the Crystal Sabre and Enchanted Snowbunny Top Hat, an amazing person who not only helped me smile on a bad day, but then turned it into a pretty good day!

(If you'd like to borrow the Sparkling Faerie Wings to dye, I'm happy to do that for a dye pot/small WL item, depending on how many boxes I have. Just mail me!)

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These are UFT for the right offer. I may be a bit picky, and am fond of many of these items, but they're still UFT. ;) Mainly, these are items I like but don't use often, or the items that are pretty but that I never use. Feel free to offer!

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NC up for Trade

These are items I'll trade in combos of GBC, fortune cookies, or WL items. I can possibly combine some of these items with the 2:1s for a trade, just ask!

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UFT: 2:1 (or however many boxes I get from your GBC)

aka Make Them Go Away

Happy to get rid of these but not willing to waste my boxes, so GBCs are fairly necessary most of the time. If you have cheap 2:1 items I am looking for AND I have spare boxes, I'm happy to do item:item trades. Thanks for looking!

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Items alessandria707 wants

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New wants after hiatus

Stuff I need to sort, but that came out over the months when I was gone

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Seeking atm!

These are items I'm looking for now. My actual wishlist and not the massive list with every item I'd ever want. :) Although that list is available too if you'd like to ask! :P

Items marked 5 are priority! I currently have GBCs to offer towards them as well as my TL.

Items marked 21 are ones I'm seeking in 2:1 sales or better. I'm not likely to trade high value TL items for them, sorry.

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