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About Trades/Items

If you have something from my WL and/or want something I own, feel free to mail me. Seriously. I'm friendly and always answer NMs. And I'm online way too much, so I should respond w/in a day or so. :D

If the item you want is listed in Closet/HTPW, mail me anyways! Some of the things there, I'll still trade, but please be aware that I am a bit attached to them. Worst case scenario is you get an nm saying 'No, thank you.' It's worth a shot, anyhow.

As a general note: I have a terrible weakness for Contacts and pretty Wigs, even if they aren't on my WL. And I'm more than happy to browse TLs. ;)

B/c DTI seems to keep erasing my NM link: my username is alessandria707 if you want to mail me!

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These are items I really like and they're used often. I may trade the items on this list, but please don't be offended if I pass on a perfectly fair offer.

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My Gifts From Friends/VVVHTPW

These are gifts from friends or certain items I will NEVER part with. They are 'public' so people can look, but barring a dramatic shift/need, they are NOT UFT. Thanks. :)

The Glass Raindrops Suncatcher is my very very favorite. It's sparkly, and shiny, and it moves! A gift from a friend who understands that my spirit animal is an easily distractible kitten. :D

(If you'd like to borrow the Sparkling Faerie Wings to dye, I'm happy to do that for a dye pot/small WL item, depending on how many boxes I have. Just mail me!)

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My H(-ish)TPW NC

These are UFT for the right offer. I may be a bit picky, and am fond of many of these items, but they're still UFT. ;) Mainly, these are items I like but don't use often, or the items that are pretty but that I never use. Feel free to offer!

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NC up for Trade

These are items I'll trade, happily and in combos of GBC, fortune cookies, or WL items. I can possibly combine some of these items with the 2:1s for a trade, just ask!

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