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* Ducky's Tradelist & Wishlist! *

Hi there, and welcome!

Feel free to reach out to me if you're interested in doing a trade! I log on at least twice a day so if you neomail me it shouldn't be long until I get back to you. :D


A few things...

  • What am I interested in? Right now, the Lace and Denim Shorts are my top priority. For those, I can offer from my highlights/HTPW, as well as GBC and my other TL items.

(I am also always keeping an eye out for my medium priority WL items, and GBCs!)

  • I mostly go by the awesome /~Korolie guide for my cap values since it's generally the most up-to-date, but like anyone else, some items I value a little differently than others!

Bored? You can see some of my favorite closet items, my pets, and more at /~Anneky on Neopets.

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Items duckyneo wants

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A. Priority Wish... (The Wish Of All Wishes!)

Desperately seeking the Lace Denim Shorts! :o They are a dream item of mine!

If you are trading them, hit up my highlights/HTPW section and see if I've got anything that interests you! (I also have GBC I can offer.)

This list is empty.

B. Medium Priority Wishlist

These are the items I am actively seeking out right now. :)

This list is empty.

C. Dreamies

My most-wanted items. A girl can dream, right? ;)

Items marked 16 are priority here, but I would love to have all of these eventually.

This list is empty.

D. Casually Seeking

These wishes are all items that I like, but that I'm not actively seeking out at the moment-- in fact, this list is really more for my own reference than anything else! When I decide that I'm confident I can use something, I'll move it up to the medium priority list. :)

Any item marked "25" is something I already have one of and am very, very casually seeking an extra of.

This list is empty.

E. Seasonal Stuff I'd Love To Have

Dress to Impress
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