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* Ducky's Tradelist & Wishlist! *

Hi there, and welcome!

Feel free to reach out to me if you're interested in doing a trade! I log on at least twice a day so if you neomail me it shouldn't be long until I get back to you. :D


A few things...

  • What am I interested in? Right now, the Lace and Denim Shorts are my top priority. For those, I can offer from my highlights/HTPW, as well as a small number of GBCs and my other TL items.

(I am also always keeping an eye out for my medium priority WL items, and GBCs!)

  • I mostly go by the awesome /~Korolie guide for my cap values since it's generally the most up-to-date, but like anyone else, some items I value a little differently than others!

Bored? You can see some of my favorite closet items, my pets, and more at /~Anneky on Neopets.

This list is empty.

E. New Releases

Including selections from:

Ritzy Real Estate Collectibles (2016/2017)
Lulu Plays Detective (2017)
Festival of Neggs (2017)

These are new items I've yet to sort because I'm unsure of their value right now. They're still UFT, though.

The items from the Sidekick Squads collection will be available from me in mid-July.

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Items duckyneo wants

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A. Priority Wish... (The Wish Of All Wishes!)

Desperately seeking the Lace Denim Shorts! :o They are a dream item of mine!

If you are trading them, hit up my highlights/HTPW section and see if I've got anything that interests you! (I also have GBC I can offer.)

This list is empty.

C. Dreamies

My most-wanted items. A girl can dream, right? ;)

Items marked 16 are priority here, but I would love to have all of these eventually.

This list is empty.

D. Casually Seeking

These wishes are all items that I like, but that I'm not actively seeking out at the moment. When I decide that I'm confident I can use something, I'll move it up to the medium priority list. :)

Any item marked "25" is something I already have one of and am very, very casually seeking an extra of.

This list is empty.
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