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* Ducky's Tradelist & Wishlist! *

Hi there, and welcome!

Feel free to reach out to me if you're interested in doing a trade! I log on at least twice a day so if you neomail me it shouldn't be long until I get back to you. :D

NOTE (11/10/17): Sorry, guys... I don't feel comfortable committing to any PRE-TRADES right now, since I honestly don't know yet how many GBCs I'll be crazy enough to buy this year ;)


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C. Regular Tradelist

The item number denotes quantity, not value!

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D. 2:1 Sale

You know the drill-- one GBC gets you two items! Let the games begin! (Don't forget to check my seasonal section up at the top of the page, because some specially-marked items on there are part of this sale too!)

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