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Last updated on July 13, 2017

Hi there!

Please have a look below at my trade list and wishlist and let me know if you'd like to work something out. I am online daily and will respond as soon as possible :) All numbers indicate values in gift box capsule count (3 means I have it valued at 3 gift box capsules, etc) I look forward to working out a trade that we are both happy with :) Thank you for visiting!

Note: I am always looking for Mystery Capsules, Upcycle Cookies, Archive Cookies, and GBC :)

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Items I really just want to get rid of, I don't need to make anything from trading them. All I ask is that you cover the boxes used to send them. So basically, you send me a GBC and however many gift boxes are inside that, is the amount of items from this list you can choose.


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