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*Normal tradelist

Will trade these for GBCs or wishes.

This list is empty.

5. UFT for gallery wishes

Yes I disagree with value guides for some. Sorry.

Not sure what I value doll eyes at as took forever to find xD Definitely only trading that for hard to find wishes.

These are what I have gathered so far towards minimonster too. If you have one, please mail me. I can hunt down wishes for you to add to my stash :)

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Items Sarahh wants

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Gallery wishes - Priority

Just want

Items I find pretty and just want. I won't trade GBCs for these

Also seeking a couple of Spring Princess Mini Packs

This list is empty.

Populars I am seeking

I will be trading these away. Collecting populars so I have a decent chance of getting a grey mini monster for my gallery. If you have one UFT please contact me.

NOT offering pure GBC for anything on this list, sorry.

Items marked with a 2 are my priority wishes of this list.

This list is empty.
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