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Welcome to my trade/wishlist! Please send all trade requests to dhanifan and I will respond back as soon as I am online and able to do so. Please include your TL or what you are offering. I use Korolie for value but will use Clara if Korolie does not have a value listed. I absolutely love NC trading, so feel free to message me to trade anytime! I will respond back as soon as I can. I try to keep my list up to date as soon as I trade an item, but I will apologize in advance if something happens and I don't have an item.

HTPWs are labeled as 666. They are still UFT, so feel free to offer on them, I may turn them down for fair offers as they are worth more to me then a normal item so please don't be offended. HTPW items will never be UFT for GBCs. They are only UFT for my WL items.

Items labeled 99 are on boxless sides. Chances are I really don't care too much about those items but they will be UFT for GBCs only as I don't have boxes to send them otherwise.

Please do NOT ask for any of my Closet items. My Closet items are filled not only with items I use for customs, but also many gifts that so many amazing beloved friends have given me. If I ever decide to part with an item, I will move it out of my closet (though it will probably go into HTPW).

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*Dyework Lending*

Dyeworks for loan. Will loan 2:1 for GBCs or 1:1 for GBCS + dyepot or 1:1 for item on my WL (depending on number of boxes I have). I have the right to refuse a loan if I do not feel comfortable with you

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*99 = Boxless Side **666 = UFT for Wishes only (No GBCs)

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~*~Closet ~*~

The majority of these items are not UFT and will be marked with 65. You're more then welcome to try to pry them out of my hands but 99.99% of the time I will be saying no.

There are a few items in here that I have just sitting in here because I believe they will increase in value the older they get (or possible for a future-but-not-yet-made custom). I may trade them for the right offer, but other then that, I'd rather just sit on them. So you can offer on them, but it would have to be for the right offer.


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Items dhanifan wants

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This is my WL for my main account...this is my primary WL unless I am specifically asking for something different <3

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*MAIN* WL - Holiday Versions

Wishlist Version 2...chances are my First wishlist for my main will someday...hopefully...be empty for long periods of time and this one will be the only one with stuff in it for my main. These are items I will be seeking for Holiday customs!

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dhanifan3 WL - Experiment Escapees!

dhanifan3 is my mutant side account. Items I need for my mutant account are as followed: Main WL does get priority over this one

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Gallery Wishlist

This is my Wishlist for my Gallery. Unfortunately my Faerie Ruins Gallery has some NC items in it. These items will ALWAYS be something I'm searching for. If you have these items, I want them!

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My Dreams!

Someday maybe...not a priority by any means though...

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