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1. General UFT

Will be pickier with some, but most items on this list are easier for me to let go of. Just ask! ^-^

222 - Pre-trade
55 - Side
Any other numbers represent quantity

GBCs: 7 || Boxes: 6

Non-Wearables UFT:
FQC x2
8th Birthday Rainbow Cupcake x1
Golden Key x1
Holiday Patapult Patapuff 1-Pack x1
Jewel Encrusted Key x1

Last Updated: Jun 28 2019
Been about a year since I last updated, and the only thing I updated was the "recent/new" list thus still kind of outdated.

This list is empty.

1a. Dyeworks

Will be pickier with some items on this list...but you can always try me c:
numbers represent quantity!
items marked with a 99 mean they're in use

This list is empty.

1aa. Lending

Lending 2:1 gbc or 1:1 gbc/dye pot/wish/lend or swap of the current new DWs

This list is empty.

1c. 2:1

2:1 gbc or
1:1 fqc/archive/upcycle cookie or
1:1 items on my 2:1 wishlist

This list is empty.

2. Backgrounds

I love backgrounds @-@
Will be picky with some unless I have a spare/it's not in use but always feel free to ask :')
'55-' = on a side
Any other numbers represent quantity

This list is empty.

3. Limbo

the "cute items I like but don't have a use for...yet" list.
will be picky with most items on this list (yes, even a common 1-2 cap item) but they're all up for trade for the right offer
may or may not accept GBCs for some items

This list is empty.


mainly closet items, gonna have to fight me for most of these unless I offer them myself
Items marked '555' are on my side, estxxi
If you see any of these items on another list, probably means it's a spare (and thus more likely to trade)

This list is empty.

Items mayday0301 wants

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1aa. Recent/New Items

Recent/New Items I may want before they retire.
Those marked with a '99' = highest priority

Also seeking GBCs (cubes only) & Dye Potions

This list is empty.

1b. Dyeworks

pretty low priority unless marked '99'

This list is empty.

2. Pretty Backgrounds

Some pretty backgrounds I like.

Higher the number, higher the priority.
99 - highest priority
55 - currently/actively seeking
10 - casually seeking

Those without a number mean I'm not really seeking at the moment, but would love to have someday OR just like to look at. :')
This means that I will ALWAYS REJECT any offers of backgrounds that do not have a number next to them, so please do not offer

This list is empty.

3. UWS Custom

For a future customization. Not in any rush to get them but do NM if you have these up for trade!
The numbers represent the order I want to get them in. Higher the number, the later I'd like them.
Ex. I would not trade for an item marked '30' if there's still an item marked '10' on my list

This list is empty.

5b. Kaevonia

Oh no not another one x____x
Not even sure if I want these right now.
Items marked with '21' means I'm only seeking in a 2:1
Items marked '111' means already obtained

This list is empty.

8. Unsure

some pretty things I used to actively seek
only casually seeking these now, feel free to offer them but please do not be surprised if I say no.

This list is empty.
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