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Main Up For Trade

Updated: September 2020

Mail Nicole_XBill: I do always reply. If you aren't receiving a reply: I haven't received your mail. There's currently a Neomail glitch. Please try again or find me on the NCC.


  • Buyables in general not listed (I mostly forget to add what I get out of caps), ask me :)

  • Feel free to ask me for a 2:1 because I haven't organized my list like that.

  • 99 items in main/side tradelists are a bit HTPW for me. (Some newer items/DW items are marked 999, means only for htf wishes)

  • For some items I'll take GBCs, but mostly seeking my wishes.

  • Full non wearable list on Jellyneo User Nicole24 ^^ Newest item added there: Usukicon Cap

If you got any of my wishes, feel free to let me know your WL because I also got items in my closet I barely use.

Also feel free to check out the UC Tyrannian Krawk Dreamy Project petpage I'm working on:

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Sides tradelist

All sides have boxes.

99 = bit htpw for me

999 = Only UFT towards BIG BIG HTF wishes!

For non wearable see JN list.

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Items NicoleGoddessofLoki wants

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NC WL for side MarrabelliaCibuna

99 = most priority

This list is empty.

NC WL to side Lala_pooboo

NC X WL: Need to Replace

These were closet items I traded for receiving a big, hard to find wish. Eventually I want them back, but it has no hurry :)

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NP (one day) Wishlist

More a reminder for myself

This list is empty.
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