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A Glance-Worthy Advisory Notice


'1111' marked items are currently NOT UP FOR TRADE, please do not offer on these (very few) items found scattered throughout my tradelist.

'999' marked items are currently being used on my Neopets, however all of these items ARE UP FOR TRADE for the RIGHT OFFER.

'222' marked items are mostly older populars/valuables that I would happily discount between 25% - 50% for GBCs or my wishes.

Also, I'm open to NMs from DTI-users if you miss me while I'm active on the NCC a few times per week! Please mention in your NM that you saw whatever item(s) on DTI, so I don't get confused with another trade.

That's all, thank you for reading (:

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A List of Highlights

Some highlights (populars, hard-to-finds, valuables, personal favorites, etc.) of mine will be listed here, since realizing the chaos that is the brand-new method of organization I've created.

I decided to start from scratch on a brand new DTI account on a whim and ended up spending countless unplanned hours recently reorganizing, adding, and deleting items from my tradelist. Whenever pondering this task with your own TL, make sure you don't drastically underestimate the amount of time it will take xD

I cannot go back to my other DTI account after that strenuous period of insanity. My apologies if this change makes my tradelist difficult to navigate or find particular items on! What I do like about it is having "gems" scattered across many sections to in essence trick browsers into taking a more in-depth look at my entire tradelist.

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A List of Not-Up-For-Trade Closet Items

Items listed here are not currently up for trade, although certain items here (other than the items listed below) may be put up for trade in the future. Regardless, please do not make offers on these items at this time--thank you! Handheld Moon Balloon was a gift from the generous heart of my lovely Cat, and is never up for trade.

Branch of Singing Weewoos was a gift from the lovely Tarah, and is never up for trade.

Light Shower Garland was a gift from Katherine, and is never up for trade.

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A Section of Winter Holiday Highlights

*** 2018 Stocking Stufftacular 10-Pack (1) and 2018 Stocking Stufftacular 5-Pack (1) are also up for trade.

** This section is set to "public" but not set to "trading" because about half of these items are currently being used for my holiday customizations and likely vhtpw at the moment, while the other half of these items didn't make it into any of my holiday designs and are up for trade.

  • Items marked '999' are key elements of my holiday customizations and are not up for trade at the moment because they were a pain to trade for in the first place.
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Cotton Candy

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Spring 'n' Summer

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Items aphasia wants

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Wishlist (Winter)

My winter wishes--actively seeking all items listed here, but items marked '999'/'555' are my high/medium priority wishes.

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