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I'm Shannon, just back on Neo after a ~5 year hiatus ! There's so much new stuff, and I'm intrigued ... Excited to get back into it.

Will trade for 1. WL, 2. GBCs, 3. Upcycle cookies, 4. Rarer items. Happy to trade multiple smaller items for bigger wishes. 77 means on a side.

ALSO: Seeking RW pets, will offer unlimited custom for the right pet!

My gallery is all about BERRIES! Any berries, hmu :)

Cheers, Shannon

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0.0 dyeworks lending

2:1 for a lend!

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there's some really nice stuff here. i am willing to part with things here, but for some, would really prefer to be trading for larger WL items. :) Peruse at your leisure! also numbers are values.

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many things in here will go for 1 GBC. Just offer

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2 items for 1 GBC

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~ Closet (not UFT)

honestly i use the stuff here all the time, so this is just for me to keep track

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Will trade closet items. Please mail to ask me to open the list for your viewing

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NC a New Year's Wishlist

NC low priority

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NP wardrobe

If you have these, I'll pay a fair price :)

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