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INSANELY HARD TO PART WITH, basically just keeping these....

Magical Illuminating Wand 2-3
Ash Blonde Wig 2-3
Faerieland Library Collectors Background 4-5
Long Summer Dress 3-4
Swirls of Power 3-4
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Either being traded right now or items another user is currently considering for trades-- you may still make an offer on these items.

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*Pending Wishes

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0: Highlights

Either higher-value items, or items I think are particularly pretty!

NOTE: Many highlights have been moved to theme lists for organization purposes, so keep scrolling!

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1. SUPER Hard to Part With

Might trade for high priority/dream wishes, HOWEVER I am SUPER picky with these items and will most likely not part with them!!!

Thank you to uv_goth for the Cinnamon Stick Candles FG!

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Backgrounds UFT

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Clothes UFT

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Trinkets & Accessories

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Wigs UFT

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Items sunshine_10 wants

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For my draik

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Faerie Grundo

Stuff for my new faerie grundo

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High Priority

Items I REALLY REALLY want, right now-- not necessarily expensive, either! This DOES NOT mean I'm not interested in lower priority at the moment!!! Still make an offer if you have a low priority wish!

NOTE: Some of these are low priority compared to others in this list.

Some Values (courtesy of ~waka)

Braid and Hat: 4-5
Summer Fedora Wig: 8-10
Fishtail Braided Pigtail Wig: 10-12
Golden Sea Star Wig: 8-10
Water Lily Pond BG: 25-30
Stunning Moon View BG: 30-35
Serene River BG: 1-2
Pastel Dyed Dress: 2-3
Water Columns Garland: 3-4

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Low Priority

Things I think are cute but aren't dying to have 99 = higher priority in this list

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Regular Priority

General wishlist! Nothing too crazy

99 = higher priority of this list

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Woodland Acara

Items for my Woodland Acara

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z. van_goghna_lisa

-Phaedromeda -- Blue Xwe
-Astronovia -- BLue Aisha

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