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Up for trade

Spare items I'm (currently) not using ~ mail open for offers :)

Do not look for GBC's - I like to trade for my wishes only
((Sending your trade list may work too; all the pretty things might be incomplete ;) ))

This list is empty.

Items NorthernStar wants

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NC wishlist - all the pretty things

A selection of pretty items I came across & one day might like to add to my 'collection' ~ even the impossible ones, keep dreaming... Since I like so many items my feelings towards them sometimes seem to shift & I might pass on a very reasonable offer all the same - I do, however, always reply to all Neomails I receive :)

Items marked '99' I am currently looking out for - a little more actively seeking to add those (=

'88' are the higher value items that are in my 'maybe one day'-drawer ;)

Neomail me your offers/requests please :) - can usually do GBC's as well as my trade list & have some closet-items I might trade as well for the right wish-item so feel free to ask anything!

This list is empty.
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