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These are items I like but might not have a use for right at this moment - I could possibly part with them for the right offer.
Numbers are for my reference only, just disregard them lol

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All of my sides do currently have boxes, these items are all available for trade atm :)
For some of the lower-value items I don't mind doing 2:1 trades, feel free to inquire about this as well

All numbers are for my own reference please ignore them, thanks!

Non-wearables UFT:
Tyrannian Bone Bed x2
Gothic Charm Sweetheart Gram
Enchanting Sweetheart Gram x2
Spinning Stars Mystery Capsule
Festive Negg Pillow
Pink Lace Rocking Chair
Polka Dot Arm Chair
Weewoo Sugar Negg

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Items arqien wants

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for friends

this list is open bc i am seeking this for a potential trade! :)

Vicky - White CBG and Gothic Moonlit
All else - twd Eventide

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gallery wishes

Looking for these items for my gallery!

Seeking (non-wearable):
Dirt Krawk Island Floor Tiles
Krawk Island Crokabeks Nest Lair
Wooden Krawk Island Wallpaper
Ghostly Gift Box Mystery Capsule (trying for the LE)

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higher priority wl

Also open to trading for populars, GBCs, and archive cookies unless otherwise specified at a board :)

99 = highest priority, show me your wishes!

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lower priority wl

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