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- Hello there!

Here's my TL and WL. Feel free to mail me!

Last Updated: Feb 2020

Currently, I can offer GBCs too!

Please, I have some buyable wishes and I know they’re buyables. I’m NOT interested in trading for them unless it’s a 1:1 buyable for buyable. Thanks.

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The 2:1

Offer 1 GBC and you'll take 2 items from here. Not seeking cookies/dyepots atm.

I'd be happy to do a 1:1 trade for another buyable =)

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Items luucsg wants

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1. Higher Priority

These are the items that are really neccessary for the customs I'm planning. Without them it would be just a sketch. I'm more likely to offer GBCs for them.

That doesn't mean I'll be overoffering for them. Actually, it means they're more touchable dreams, since I've seen these wigs on 2:1 lists before, for example.

Numbers means which pet they're going to!

33 = Sunflover
44 = Moonlight
55 = Sthacy
66 = Mierc
77 = Sugarboo
88 = Silopique

This list is empty.

2. Medium Priority

I can also offer GBCs for some of them, but they're not as essential as the HP items for my customs. I can survive without them for a while.

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3. Low Priority

I don't really need these items to get the custom done - but with them, the custom would be perfect.

I'm interested, of course, but since some of them are really expensive I probably won't have GBCs enough to offer for them.

This list is empty.

4. Baby Wishlist!

All items should go to 'lupetinho', where my baby pets are =)

21 = I expect to see this on a 2:1 list
99 = higher priority!

This list is empty.
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