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Thanks for checking this page out :) I really, really like backgrounds!
Sides - veralava (main), verawind, verasoft, veramour, verakiss.
Feel free to neomail about trades. I do reply so if I don't, the mail hasn't come through - please send again if it's been a couple days.
Thanks to everyone I've traded with so far! and thank you for the sweet gifts :) people are so kind!

GBCs available:
Fall Feathers Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Looming Eclipse Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Sunset Summer Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Hocus Pocus Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Misty Mountains Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Disco Fever Gift Box Mystery Capsule
Mermaid Dreams Gift Box Mystery Capsule

please note - if it's not in my trading list, visible, it's not UFT. Sorry.

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I.5 - Autumn and Halloweenie - Current Things

spooky leaf fall down
Some of these I really like and might keep - marked 7

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IV - The Other Stuff

All UFT. Incredibly not picky.

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and/or reserved :)

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NC Wishes 1 - Wishlist

NC Wishes 4 - Pending Trades

Trades I am hopefully completing. But will be seeking these items if these trades don't work out. But hopefully they will :)

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