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Aa. Preface

Greetings!!! My name is Taylor.

I am fairly new to NC trading but have quickly fallen in love with customization. Please don't be shy to send me an offer on any of my items! * My V|HTPW section will most likely be declined but I'm open to all offers!!

Please no GBCs!! Thanks

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Neocash | UTF

~ Will trade Archive/Upcycle cookies for some items in this section ~

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(Not in a list)

There aren't any items here.

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* The deepest and most desperate desires of my heart *

All of these are items I want for a current custom and am very open to offers.

99 = HIGH PRIORITY - If I have anything you want for something marked 99, please NM me

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02. Clothing

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04. Neopoint WL

~ This list is a reminder of NP items I need to purchase ~

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