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0.) intro

at the moment im only seeking my wishes. other items can be included as filler if you're interested in a bigger item of mine but i'd like all trades to include at least one wishlist item. nothing visible is htpw and the vast majority of my items are hidden so please feel free to mail your WL if you have any of my wishes.

i do not display my gifts publicly, if you've ever sent me a gift, know that i appreciate it SO much and i literally remember every single person who has ever given me anything. nice people are the reason why i stay on this site :)

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4.) regular TL

accepting gbcs and wishes for these. numbers are quantity and i value most of these at 1 cap

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Items sahar wants

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things i kind of want

these r here to give me something to do but i can live without them

99= higher priority, will open my closet for

33=potentially pending trade

55=probable pending trade

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