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Items kaze-kun owns

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Always seeking Upcycle / Archive Cookies for my regular TL

I log in to check messages once in awhile. I'll try to respond back to any inquiries when I can so please be patient! My current wl is updated, I'm only really seeking items from there atm.

Also, please respect that I might not be interested in a trade even if the values are fair...some items in my trading list are harder to part with than others.

I WILL ALWAYS REPLY even if it's a no thank you
If you don't hear back from me, please send another NM - my inbox may have glitched.

Current box count: 10+

Non-wearable UFT:

Last updated: Feb 2021

This list is empty.

2:1 Cube

Can do up to 4:1 (depending on how many boxes received in cap) for buyables.

This list is empty.

Items kaze-kun wants

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00 Mid-High Value Casually Seeking

Casually seeking these items when I have boxes available.

Custom / gbcs are available for this list

This list is empty.

01 Casually Seeking

Casually seeking these items when I have boxes available.

  • Non-wearable WL:

This list is empty.


Casually seeking these DWs when I have boxes available.

This list is empty.

peo shoe list

low priority but still casually seeking. just some shoes for Bortz. :)

This list is empty.
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