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Items mommatwinkles owns

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0 ~ Welcome ~ 0


Patience is much appreciated when NM offers. :*

All lists labeled with ~x value is how I personally value the items! I follow ~waka and try to compare how many are UFT vs on WL.

I've been going through a rough patch and not watching boards much.. My Neomail is open for trades tho, I check in everyday. I also appreciate corrections and safe trading advice~ I know some values may be changing and may miss those boards. *sweats*

Closet is open only for Eyes of the Cursed Pharaoh! :3 PRINCESS WHITNEY'S CUSTOM IS COMPLETE

Always accepting current mall caps/grams, some cookies, & GBCs~

Always looking for Maraquan or Mutant WL~ I can never spoil them enough! :*

This list is empty.


I'm a little sick of looking at these, so if anyone does the upcycle cookies or just wants some items.. please take them! xD

1 GBC or 1 FQC? :o

This list is empty.

fairymagic14 UFT

These items are on my side account: fairymagic14

Currently have 11 boxes.


Neopets 21st Birthday Celebration Goodie Bag

Retired Dyeworks Mystery Capsule - 2

Sweet Treats Sweetheart Gram - 1

Heart Breaker Sweetheart Gram - 2

Call Me Sweetheart Gram - 6

6 BF(11/27) GBC


# is how many I have~

Sorry this list is a bit more squished together than my main. xD

This list is empty.


I rather like these items and would prefer to trade for my higher priority wishes!

Other offers always welcome.

99 = in use, so I know where to pull from in case of a trade!

This list is empty.


Items I value at ~1

99- pending trade

# = how many I have

*Note: I do not have Baby pets so I have no need for Baby items. ^^

This list is empty.


This list is empty.

Items mommatwinkles wants

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Current Custom Hunt

  • Highest Priority~ 99
  • 4 RR DW Caps available~ (2 on main, 2 on side)

  • Casually Seeking~ 2
  • Buyables~ 10
  • This list is empty.
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