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1. NC Items - Closet

These are NC items that my pets are currently wearing. I would only consider trading the HTF items here for a Quiet Beach Path BG. Thus, this list is set to “public” and not “trading.”

100 = Never UFT (even for wishes!)

Last update: December 3, 2020

This list is empty.

2. NC Items UFT - HTPW

This is a list of NC items that I'm not using right now, but may want to use in the future. These are harder for me to part with, but offers are welcome.

Some of these items can be found on my regular TL as well - those are spares, and not HTPW.

This list is empty.

3. NC Items UFT - Regular TL

I use ~waka to determine cap value.

Number = Quantity

This list is empty.

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