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Items toaster46 owns

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Currently on a semi-hiatus as of 12-13-22! My apologies in advance if I don't reply on time or haven't replied at all!

. . . . . . . . . . . .

* If it's visible, it's UFT. HTPW and closet items are hidden to make things easier.

* I'm online sporadically throughout the day, but I always reply to NM's. I don't ignore messages, but I have a VERY glitchy inbox, so if I haven't responded to your NM within 24 hours, PLEASE resend it! The ONLY exception to this, is if I am on a hiatus, then I will most likely miss your NM.

This list is empty.

1b. Big Tickets

HTF or high value items that are mostly only up for trade for my "High Priority" and "Big Dreams" wishes.

Not HTPW in the sense that I won't trade them at all, but in the sense that I'd rather put them towards equally HTF wishes instead of casual trades or smaller wishes. However, if my wishes are mostly lower value items, I'd still be happy to work something out!

Not really interested in customs or GBCs for this section.

This list is empty.


1-2 cap items are all 2:1 for regular GBCs and 3:1 for BF GBCs!
This list is empty.

Dyeworks UFT

Actively trading everything here, nothing is tentative or HTPW. Mostly interested in my wishes or swaps for my dyeworks wishes. Open to trading for GBCs and dyepots if I have spares.

Numbers indicate quantity!

99 = not part of 2:1 sale

This list is empty.

Garlands & Foregrounds

1-2 cap items are all 2:1 for regular GBCs and 3:1 for BF GBCs!
This list is empty.

Items toaster46 wants

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1a. High Priority

Wishes here are the ones I need most to complete customs!

I can offer regular/BF GBCs, highlights/big tickets, and possibly from my hidden closet. Customs are sometimes available, feel free to ask about them!

Please note that items in this list vary in value, so I am not really interested in trading HTF/high value items for my lower value wishes!

This list is empty.

1b. Medium Priority (Casual)

Casually seeking the items here for future customs I have planned.

This list is empty.

1d. Replacements

Closet items I've traded away and would love to replace!

If this list is VISIBLE then I am ACTIVELY SEEKING these items!

If this list is HIDDEN then I am NOT seeking these items!

This list is empty.

2a. Buyable

Items that are currently available in the NC mall (key quest tokens, capsules, etc.)

This list is empty.

2b. Big Dreams

Items that keep eluding me. ;w;

Will offer just about anything on my TL for these! I usually have BF/regular GBCs available as well! Can occasionally offer a custom and possibly offer from my hidden closet/pops!

This list is empty.
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