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Items smile_hurluberlue owns

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1. UFT

Hi! I am currently (as of end of Feb. 2021) actively trading in and out;

Stuff I need: I am actively seeking strawberries to complete my gallery. If you happen to have anything I need to achieve that goal, I'd happily trade GBCs or custom.
I also have some older retired caps (Butterfly x1; Finger Painted Hearts x3), and BF GBCs (x1), that I'd happily throw in for my bigger wishes.
I also need two Key Quest Tokens (Strawberry Poogle & Usul), for which I'd trade GBCs/custom.
I also have some casual wishes that I'd like to customize my permies.

Stuff I have: I'll be happy to trade smaller items for GBCs or cookies. Highlights, however, are only UFT for wishes.

Don't forget to check out my 2:1 and 1-cap sale sections!

This list is empty.

1.2 1-cap sale

I am willing to let any of those go for one GBC!
If you want many of them, feel free to NM me with your list so we can arrange for a bigger sale :)

This list is empty.

1.3 2:1 GBC sale

I will let any two of it go for a GBC! If you happen to want many of those, NM me so we can arrange something!
I might as well accept cookies depending on my box count.

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Items smile_hurluberlue wants

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1. Gallery wishes

I'm looking for those items to complete my Strawberry-themed gallery. I also need LE Strawberry Poogle KQ Token and LE Strawberry Usul KQ Token. I'd trade GBCs for anything on this list, and customs for anything that's worth more than 1-2.

Numbers are for myself.

This list is empty.

2. Custos wishes

I'm looking for those clothes to customize my JubJubs. First 2 digits are codes for myself:
11 = hurluberlue; 22 = smile__hurluberlue
33 = smile___hurluberlue; 44 = smile____hurluberlue
55 = smile_hurluberlue (main)
88 = alternate item (but not preferred)

Last two numbers are values that I've seen:
21 = seen in 2:1 sale
01 = seen in 1 cap sale

This list is empty.
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