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Updated March 17, 2019

Feel free to neomail me about casual trades!

Box Count: 4

NC Available for Customs: 0 (can buy if needed)

I am always open to GBC trades!

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1. Closet

These are items that are currently being used by my pets~ only UFT if I offer them.

This list is set as public, not trading, so it won't show up in DTI searches.

The #s are what I value them at

This list is empty.

2. Higher than highlight UFT~

Everything here has a 10+ value. Only seeking equally high valued items for these.

The #s are what I value them at.

This list is empty.

4. Regular NC UFT

This list is empty.

6. 2:1 for GBCs

This list is empty.

7. Gifts

Gifts I've received from friends~ these are never UFT!

This list is empty.

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