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Amanda's Trade List!

Hello and welcome to my TL!

Updated: 11/10/2019

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An Awesome List

This is a list of things that are EXTREMELY hard to part with. Please do not be upset if I turn down offers for these items. They will most likely only be UFT for hard to find or big wishes
If this list is open, I'm seeking something big.

Anything with a 999 is most definitely NOT uft at this time. Though I may consider it if you have Cherry Blossom Garland uft

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My Regular TL


This is mostly stuff I don't care about but there are some random things that I use from time to time. There is a small possibility that I'll be picky with a few select items

Don't be afraid to ask for 2:1. I'm too lazy to make a separate list at this time!

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Items Mandah wants

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1. Priority Wishes

99 = wants yesterday

11= have possible trade

always seeking GBCs

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